Serenity Now


Good morning, all!  I briefly considered skipping an entry today because it’s Sunday and everybody needs a day off, right?  But as i was fixing my tea i noticed on my kitchen counter the fortune from my Chinese takeout earlier this week. It inspired me, so, I took a picture of it, uploaded it, and here I am, typing away.  Even so, I’m going to keep today’s entry (relatively) brief since Sundays are typically meant for rest and reflection.  For me, they’re quite often a day of serenity so that i can “reboot” before my work week begins full-throttle on Monday morning.  And at this time of year, Sunday morning often finds me sitting on the couch in my living room with a cup of tea and my dog curled up beside me. And on beautiful days such as this one, the picture windows are often thrown wide open, allowing me to breathe in the fresh fall air while I crochet or read or watch television (or type a blog) in the bright warmth of the sun.  It sounds idyllic because it is.  These Sundays of mine are rare pleasures, gifts I give to myself that i can look forward to on the sunniest sunny day or the rainiest rainy day (which are, oddly enough, my favorites).  They are my “happy places” waiting for me at the end of every week, no matter how hectic things get, no matter what disappointment or heartbreak i might suffer, and they are always there (along with The Walking Dead).


So, if you’re taking the time to read this today, then thank you, and i hope you’re spending the rest of your day doing something you love … something that makes you happy.


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