I Need A Hero

Hero Quote

Short and simple today on the blog, so I’ll just get right to it…

In case you haven’t noticed from my header photo, I kinda sorta love superheroes.  Ever since I first saw “Superman:  The Movie” as an 8-year old, I developed a fascination with them, and how could I not?  They swoop in and rescue those in crisis, and I so badly wanted to be like them.  Specifically, I wanted to be Wonder Woman.  I wanted to twirl around like Lynda Carter, and transform myself into a crime-fighter with indestructible bracelets, a lasso of truth and a boomerang tiara.  I had the Halloween costume with the plastic mask, a Superfriends lunchbox on which she was prominently featured, and I even had the Underoos (which I wore as often as I could).  Unfortunately, adulthood happened, and even though the costume, the lunchbox and the Underoos were tossed out, there were many times when I found myself wishing that superheroes were real and that they could drop in and help me out of a jam, whether it was to rescue me from a totaled car or to somehow give me the strength to endure a death or the fear of an illness or a broken heart.  But, obviously, superheroes aren’t real.  Life is (boy, is it ever).  And it will open up a giant lead box of Kryptonite when we least expect it. What I’ve come to discover, however, is that we don’t need superhero strength to overcome our problems.  We just need our own.

So, wherever you are today, whatever you’re going through, become your own hero.  You don’t need to twirl around to do it (but you can if you want).


2 thoughts on “I Need A Hero

    • Thank you so very much for the kind compliment! I have loved to write ever since i was a little girl, so taking the plunge and starting this blog was a bit terrifying at first, but I’m so glad i finally did it. If anything, it will help me improve my writing skills (and maybe bring a smile to a few faces). Thanks again so much for the great feedback (and the link)!


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