Supernatural Sum-Up: Four Murders and a Funeral

Supernatural - Ask Jeeves

(**Spoiler Alert – if you have not yet seen the latest episode of “Supernatural”, please avert your eyes**)

Last night’s episode of “Supernatural” was another installment designed to tickle our funny bones (I guess after a steady diet of Demon Dean, we need a series of sillier sorbets to cleanse the palate before we get back to the hard stuff). As a result, we were served up “Ask Jeeves”, which was basically “Clue” by way of V.C. Andrews (minus the sibling incest).

In this episode, the boys discover that Bobby has been named as a beneficiary in the will of a stereotypically wealthy woman stereotypically named Bunny, whose stereotypically elitist family (including a nephew stereotypically christened “Dash”, a brother with a child-bride stereotypically named “Amber” and a pair of stereotypically sex-crazed Cougar Sisters, all in stereotypically good fun) has gathered for the weekend in her New Canaan, Connecticut estate for her funeral and the subsequent reading of her will.  Deciding to act on his behalf, the boys arrive at the estate, foregoing the more appropriate funereal Fed look and opting instead for “In Cold Blood” hitchhiker-chic. Long story short – Bobby was bequeathed a faux-jewel encrusted crucifix that turns out to be the key to a hidden attic where Bunny was hiding her shape-shifter daughter (the product of an adulterous liaison with a shifter). Seems during one of Bobby’s “hunting” trips, he killed the shifter father, but spared the child’s life – a girl – under the condition that she remain hidden for her own protection, as well as everyone else’s.  Bunny’s kindly butler had always pitied the child and, upon Bunny’s demise, agreed to let the now grown woman venture out of the attic, but only if she would assume the role of a maid. In turn, she demonstrates her gratitude by murdering him, then shifting into the forms of her dead mother and her dead mother’s dead husband to systematically pick off each and every person who had disrespected her mother. Leave it to Dean to finally bring her vengeful killing spree to an end by unloading several silver bullets into her torso. While not my favorite of the show’s lighter fare, it did have a few noteworthy moments:

** Sam delivering an offensively small cup of glazed-donut flavored coffee to Dean, which proves a clear affront to big brother’s masculinity (I’m guessing he’s probably not a fan of the pumpkin spice latte).

** In the night’s “I can’t believe this is grosser than True Blood” moment, Dean finding the shifter’s former skin suit crumpled on the ground in a fleshy, bloody heap.  Just……ewwwww…………

** Every single one of Sam’s awkwardly hilarious encounters with the sex-crazed Cougar Sisters, not to mention highly descriptive references to them as “Grey Gardens” and “Baby Jane”.

** “Well, we got a floater” – Dean’s deliciously deadpan observation upon discovering the token investigating detective dead with his head in the toilet.

** Dean and Sam being described as “homosexual murderers” whose bad-guy status stems from their love of flannel shirts (in an episode that pokes fun at stereotypes, something about this logic seems back-asswards to me)

Next week, it looks like we’re in for yet another sorbet, this time involving a “brothel of witches” and the return of Crowley.  In the meantime, I offer a more amusing morsel of Supernatural fare for your feasting pleasure …


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