Weekly Space Junk Cleanup: Vol. 4

Picard Engage

Hey there, hi there, ho there!   Time once again for the weekly Space Junk cleanup, where i discuss all the “stuff” and “thangs” in pop culture that warped my speed, so let’s get to it ….

Robin’s Egg.  “Gotham” showrunners recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that an upcoming episode of the Fox hit show will hatch the story of how Robin’s parents first met.  Already this season, they’ve introduced other familiar characters, to include an adolescent Poison Ivy and, in the most recent episode, Harvey Dent (aka Two Face), with confirmation that we will soon be seeing a young Scarecrow.  But if you’re holding out for an appearance by a young Harleen Quinzel (aka Harley Quinn), you’ll have to wait a while.  Although the powers-that-be have confirmed she will “definitely” be introduced at a later time, they ain’t doin’ it anytime soon.  Not really very funny, if you ask me.

No Objection Here.  AMC has finally announced a date for the debut of the highly-anticipated “Breaking Bad” spinoff, “Better Call Saul”, starring Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman, Walter White’s fast-talking, shady attorney whose ethics are as murky as a batch of mediocre meth.  The show will follow Goodman’s  transformation from small-time counselor to unscrupulous solicitor, and will premiere at 10:00 p.m. on February 8th, right after the mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead.”  And if the initial consultation with the counselor isn’t enough, you don’t have to wait very long to schedule a follow-up.  AMC will drop the second episode on February 9th into its regular time slot of Mondays at 10:00 p.m.  So, do yourself a favor and keep Saul on retainer.

He’s Winnie the Pooh…Willy Nilly Silly Ol’…Hermaphrodite??  In this week’s “Seriously…WTF?!?” news, the small Polish town of Tuszyn has banned the beloved Disney character from a local playground, with town council members citing his “dubious sexuality” and “inappropriate” dress, even going so far as to denounce the stuffed bear as a hermaphrodite.  “The problem …. is it doesn’t have a complete wardrobe,” stated councilman Ryszard Cichy. Ummm…..let me think about this for a second….no….nope.  I don’t think that’s the problem….

And that’s it for the weekly cleanup, kids!  Back in the ring next week to take another swing.  Until then…

Ron Burgundy Friday


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