Plenty to Be Thankful For

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Well, boys and girls, Thanksgiving is once again upon us, the holiday that Thomas Jefferson once famously declared “the most ridiculous idea ever conceived”, or, as i like to call it “speed bump to Christmas”.  When I was a kid, Thanksgiving meant several days off from school, a ground carpeted with leaves, lots of food, and watching Snoopy serve up jelly beans, popcorn, toast and pretzels to Charlie Brown and the rest of his freeloading friends.  But all kidding aside, it was a time when the world (or at least my world) seemed to slow down and roads were virtually barren because everyone (or almost everyone) was nestled within the bosom of their family and not standing in line to get the best deal on a crappy Blu-ray player at midnight.  I long for those days, when this actually seemed to be an important holiday, when it was more than just a casualty of the Christmas assault that begins earlier and earlier every year (i really don’t need to hear Christmas music the day before Halloween, which is when a local radio station decided to start playing it 24/7 until New Year’s Day.  COME….ON!!!!).  But I’m an adult, and a common symptom of adulthood is that things change whether we like it or not.  We can adapt, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget.

And so my wish for everyone on this Thanksgiving Eve, no matter where you are or what you are doing, is that you take a moment over the next few days and consider just one thing that you have to be thankful for.  Just one.  Even if it’s the breath in your body or a warm bed to sleep in, because the one thing you have is far more than what someone somewhere else has, and then you’ll realize — you truly do have plenty.  On that note, here’s a bit of Bing crooning a Thanksgiving tune from the Irving Berlin classic musical “Holiday Inn” (and technically,I’m not actually being a hypocrite because this movie is about several holidays even though it’s often aired during the Christmas season and produced one of the most famous Christmas songs ever recorded).  Until Friday, Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy …


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