Nostalgic Nuptials

Vintage Wedding

** vintage wedding photo, circa late 20’s/early 30’s, from my personal collection

Continuing on with the “rescued relatives” theme from my prior post, and delving further into my newfound fascination with vintage photography, I’ve discovered that I seem to be gravitating towards vintage wedding photographs.  The first time I found one in an antique store, it pulled at my heartstrings in a way that was completely unexpected – I was saddened that an image from such a special day could have lost its way only to be relegated to a dusty bin in an old shop.  But my melancholy was soon eclipsed by the excitement only inspiration can breed.  As Rod Stewart so aptly put it – “every picture tells a story, don’t it”, and every time I look at a vintage photo – particularly of a bridal party – my overactive imagination leaps into hyperdrive as I wonder about each person’s individual circumstances and their flashes of thought at the exact moment the photographer snapped the shot.  For instance, in the group portrait above, take a look at the groomsman standing beside the bridesmaid, his eyes cast downward, only the afterthought of a smile, as if overtaken by a brief, wistful reverie.  Did the happiness of the day prompt a memory of someone lost to him?  A wife, a lover, or perhaps even the bride herself? The possibilities are endless.

As I journey on with this blog, I’ll share the images I love best (not all matrimonial), each accompanied by my imaginative musings as to what might have been going on, always denoting whether the photo is from my collection or another source.  My wish is that you’ll enjoy each and every one as much as i do, and maybe even find a little inspiration.



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