Weekly Space Junk Cleanup: Vol. 7

I like it a lot

After a brief sabbatical from the blog, I’m back for the weekly cleanup, where I toss out all the odds and ends that charged my inner iNerd during the week, so without further ado …

I’ll Trade Ya’ … In an effort to continue feeding the nerd nostalgia machine (and their bottom line), J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm have begun releasing character names from Star Wars:  The Force Awakens on retro-themed Topps-style trading cards that resemble the ones we all went bats**t crazy for a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, before George Lucas committed “special edition” rape.  Collect ’em…Trade ’em…Sell ’em on Ebay.  Billy D approves ….

Billy D clap

Kill the Wabbit…Kill the Wabbit!   Legions of SAMCRO fans are still in mourning as Sons of Anarchy took its final bow earlier this week, but for all the shock and awe packed into the episode, the most appalling moment didn’t occur onscreen.  That honor belongs to Anarchy cast member Dimitri Diatchenko.  When asked by his ex-girlfriend to move out of their home, he promptly ripped a page from the Alex Forrest book of breakup etiquette and killed, skinned and ate her pet rabbit, sending her graphic shot-by-shots of the entire process.

Dean Gross

In other news, the guy who broke his wife’s nose with a McChicken sandwich seems completely stable.

Come and Listen to My Story ‘Bout a Man Named Max (Baer, Jr. that is).  Former Beverly Hillbillies star Max “Jethro Bodine” Baer, Jr. has filed a lawsuit against CBS for breaching an alleged agreement with the media giant for allowing an Iowa BBQ chain to use the name “Jethro” for their restaurants.  Ellie Mae’s cousin claims he had an agreement with CBS allowing him exclusive rights to the character name.  CBS denies the existence of such an agreement, but regardless, Baer is forging ahead with his lawsuit in an effort to remain relevant for another 5 seconds.  Hey, Jethro, I gotta question for you …

Harrison Ford WGAS

And that’s it for this week, fanboys and fangirls!  Ya’ll come back next week, ya’ hear!!



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