Weekly Space Junk Cleanup: Star Wars Special Edition

Han Solo You Love Me.

This week’s Space Junk is dedicated to the trailer that brought a galaxy of geeks to their knees wetting themselves while weeping tears of nostalgic joy (this geek included):

From the moment I clicked “play”, I bristled with delight.  The sandswept landscape.  The pile of X-wing wreckage. The crashed and abandoned Imperial Star Destroyer.  “The force is strong in my family…” and OMG!!  It’s Luke’s voice!!!  Look!!  It’s Darth Vader’s melted-out helmet!  R2-D2!!  A lightsaber!!  More X-wings!! Stormtroopers! Tie Fighters!!  The Millenium Falcon!!  And…AND….

Han and Chewie Episode 7

“Chewie, we just broke the internet”


Kiefer Crying

By the end of that trailer, I was suddenly 5 years old again, experiencing the same unadulterated excitement I felt a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, when I sat in my parents’ car at the drive-in, swept away by the one-two punch of the opening titles accompanied by John Williams’ rapturously magical score.  With the release of yesterday’s trailer, I found myself actually taking the time to consider that no other movie in my lifetime has created such a strong connection to my childhood as Star Wars.  In fact, it’s so resonant that the sight of certain collectibles will trigger an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.  The Burger Chef Star Wars-themed Fun Meals (had to have one every single time we went ….)

Burger Chef Fun Meal

…the glasses my dad picked up from Burger King each week (and the joy i felt getting each one into my hands)…

BK SW Glasses

…the Kenner 12” Princess Leia doll (if that doll had not shown up under the tree on Christmas morning that year, I probably would have put out a hit on the fat man in the red suit)…

Princess Leia doll

… and the action figures hotly purchased each week with the allowance money burning a hole in my pocket…

Princess Leia Action Figure

In fact, my very first bout of genuine, bona fide star-struck-edness occurred during a meet-and-greet with Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper and Chewbacca at a local Toys R Us (Geoffrey Giraffe was also present, but seriously??? he might as well have been invisible in the presence of the Dark Lord of the Sith and that Wookie).  Anyone else remember going to one of these??


The long and short of all this is that Star Wars not only made me the proud fangirl that I am today, it gave me memories I will cherish for a lifetime and the ability to feel childlike glee at the sight of a Wookie and an aging renegade smuggler.  Chewie, we’re home, indeed….

Star Wars happyI


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