This Post Has Everything: Supernatural, Soccer, A Viking and Rick James

So, lately, Beckham Jr. (ain’t he a cutie?? sorry – couldn’t resist)…..


The Boyfriend

…and moi have been bingeing on The Vikings (he’s Team Ragnar and I’m Team Rollo because……well…..


“The name’s Rollo.  I like drinking, whoring, whining, pillaging, am semi-fluent in French and occasionally I kill my own people.  And i look damn fine doing it, too.”

….but since Beckham’s work schedule doesn’t afford him a lot of time on the weekends, and since I can’t (and won’t) violate a major Relationship Rule by continuing our Vikings binge without him, I am often left scrolling through stale Netflix titles trying to find something new and/or interesting (and now, I haven’t yet caught the Stranger Things, although I hear i should hop on ASAP).  Thankfully, this past weekend, the Netflix Gods saw fit to bless us with Season 11 of Supernatural, just in time for Halloween month, and so it was Sam and Dean to the rescue and I was all….


My expectations weren’t very high going in, since last we saw the Winchester boys they were responsible for releasing The Darkness into the world (which takes on human form, as most evil on Supernatural is wont to do).  As a result, any reference to “the Darkness” prompted titters of laughter as it brought to mind the Chappelle Show sketch in which Rick James refers to Charlie and Eddie Murphy as “The Darkness”, as in “the darkness is spreading” or this….


…but i digress.  Currently, I’m about 5 episodes into Season 11, and the boys have already battled yet ANOTHER coven of witches, a creature Dean has referred to as a “ghoul-pire” (combination of a ghoul and vampire), a hatchet-wielding ghost in a B&B that was once Lizzie Borden’s home, a soul-eating child, and a murderous ghost in a gi-normously creeptastic bunny mask.  The soundtrack has consisted of Bob Seger, Bread, CCR and Five Finger Death Punch.  And Castiel has already pondered aloud “What’s a Netflix?” before discovering for himself by bingeing on Orange Is the New Black and The Wire (thank Chuck for the brilliantly comedic talent that is Mischa Collins)….


And therein lies the reason this show has lasted over a decade – not simply because of the ongoing story of Sam and Dean’s poignantly tumultuous brotherhood, but because it often takes the absurd and turns it into an hour of gleefully delightful dementedness (BuzzFeed’s 25 Most WTF Episodes of Supernatural), thanks to a winning combination of writing and acting talent.  The cherry on top (at least for me) is the integration of some seriously kick-ass classic rock sprinkled with deliciously delightful pop culture references that bring back memories from my own childhood (the spinning “special presentation” logo at the beginning of “A Very Supernatural Christmas” is a personal favorite that can only be appreciated by those who remember a 70’s childhood, when there were only 5 channels, Lawrence Welk was a Sunday night staple, and frazzled housewives everywhere begged Calgon to take them away)….


“Ancient Chinese Secret, huh?”

Hopefully, I’ll get through the rest of Sam & Dean’s 11th-year antics this week in preparation for what looks to be one helluva premiere as Season 12 reignites Thursday night, fueled by the return of Mary Winchester and Lucifer (who has apparently decided to slip into the meat suit of none other than Rick Springfield).  And if that all sounds a bit crazy, then it probably will be.  But at least it’ll be fun, like Beckham, Jr. when he does this sort of thing …


…or when he does THE BEST impression of Dean Winchester, which he unleashed during one of our first dates, causing me to nearly pee myself while simultaneously falling even more in-love with him … or when he takes Jensen Ackles’ advice without even realizing it:  “Life, itself, is worth living for.  If you’re not living that life you want, you fight for that life.”  He fights for that life every day, with the spirit of a Winchester and the wherewithal of Dean’s 67′ Impala, which is why, through the good and the bad, my heart always looks a little something like this….

Sam and Dean Fangirling


P.S. – sorry, not sorry for turning my post into a gush-fest, which is really the best thing about driving your own blog – “driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.”  Until next time …..


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