As anyone understands who has ever been involved in multiple relationships – whether it’s been 20 or 2 – the love you feel for one person is never the same as the love you feel for another.  I learned this lesson after 2 failed relationships, one of which began as naive love, the kind you can […]

Weekly Space Junk Cleanup: Vol. 4

Hey there, hi there, ho there!   Time once again for the weekly Space Junk cleanup, where i discuss all the “stuff” and “thangs” in pop culture that warped my speed, so let’s get to it …. Robin’s Egg.  “Gotham” showrunners recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that an upcoming episode of the Fox hit show […]

Cinematherapy: “Wanted”

Having one of THOSE days where life just won’t cooperate??  Anorexic bank account, late for work to a dead-end job you despise where your co-workers use your nerves as a trampoline and your boss decides to take up residency in your ass for the day?  Meet Wesley Gibson.  He’s having similar problems, except he also suffers from severe […]