Mad Men Musings: “The Forecast”

** If you have not yet seen the latest episode of Mad Men, please avert your eyes” This week’s episode of Mad Men, appropriately entitled “The Forecast”, is all about future plans.  Some people have ’em, some people don’t, and others just don’t care, like Mathis … You Dropped the Bomb on Me.  The F-bomb that is. […]

Weekly Space Junk Cleanup: Star Wars Special Edition

. This week’s Space Junk is dedicated to the trailer that brought a galaxy of geeks to their knees wetting themselves while weeping tears of nostalgic joy (this geek included): From the moment I clicked “play”, I bristled with delight.  The sandswept landscape.  The pile of X-wing wreckage. The crashed and abandoned Imperial Star Destroyer.  “The force is strong in […]

Mad Men Musings: “New Business”

**if you have not yet seen the latest episode of “Mad Men”, please avert your eyes** Last night’s episode of Mad Men, “New Business”, should have been subtitled “Misery Loves Company”, and let me tell you why: You Can’t Go Home Again.  As with last week’s season premiere, this week’s offering opened with a fake-out, only this time instead of […]